Who We Are

CV Optimiser, a career research organization was found to facilitate significant guidance to career aspirants.

We are proud to claim ourselves as the first Career Library that provides complete details catering to various career aspects.

What We Do

The website provides the list of companies, training institutes and certificates offered that will facilitate the end-user to view the future prospects and opportunities comprehensively.

The collection of career listing under different categories was primarily done by industry assured data collection and research mechanisms.

The website helps the fresher/ trainees to view the job description/ roles and responsibilities of individual careers listed.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling and Resume writing are offered as additional services empathizing the following aspects.

  Formulate your career objectives & goals and analyses the gap.

  Assist you with adequate knowledge and career opportunities in various companies/ industries

  Resume Writing -We craft your CV with key skill sets to have the maximum possible appeal to potential employers. Resume preparation may take 2-4 working days.