Career Library

   CV Optimiser, a career research organization was found to facilitate significant guidance to career aspirants.

   It provide various career opportunities with various industries segment across globe

   The website helps the fresher/ trainees to view various career opportunities in their respective educational background

   Provide best Training Institutes, Certification details and brief job description/responsibilities of individual careers listed.

   We are proud to claim ourselves as the first Career Library that provides complete details catering to various career aspects.

CV Writing & Counselling

  We assist to Formulate your career objectives & goals and analyses the gap

  Employer or HR Recruiter takes 8-12 seconds to screen your resume to understand,CVoptimiser is help to build your professionals and optimise your resume to explore the opportunity in right desired career.

  We craft your CV with key skill sets to have the maximum possible appeal to potential employers.

  Our Professional writing Services will make difference in competitive job market.

  Assist with adequate knowledge and career opportunities in various industries

  The website helps the fresher/ trainees to view the job description/ roles and responsibilities of individual careers listed.

  We ensure significant guidance to build better career in desired field

Job Openings

  Site listed with various job opening from core industries

  Most of the jobs are related to freshers/trainee from various industry segment

   Will bring most suitable jobs for your desired career

  This is creating a platform where career aspirants can communicate with employer/recruiter directly.

   This helps Employer/Recruiter to identify right resources through Job Posting.

Lateral Hiring & Leadership Hiring

   We commenced business with a commitment to deliver human resource solutions, consulting and outsourcing to our clients by identifying and developing their human capital investment, headquartered in Bangalore. Today’s market is a world of multiple choices and multi–faceted people.  

   Corporates are looking for the right person for the right job with a cost and time effectiveness. Through our comprehensive network of talented job applicants, we recruit only the most qualified and skilled individuals within every industry to serve our clients within a specified time frame.

   Our main aim is client satisfaction and we have successfully won their admiration.

   Our experienced team of professionals have expertise in a broad range of specialties, to provide strategic support to serve your HR needs, customizing our services to your specific needs and stage of development.